Clear Channel Belgium

Clear Channel Belgium, which is part of Clear Channel Europe, is a leading player in the out-of-home market in Belgium with 180 employees, €60m revenue and more than 13.000 billboards and digital screens.

Creating the future of media’ is our mission, which both spells out our unique position in the market today, as well as outlining our aspirations for tomorrow. We cooperate closely with advertisers to create powerful and attractive outdoor campaigns. We are working even more closely with local authorities and local businesses to devise a dynamic communication and service strategy that delivers genuine added value to the benefit of members of the public. Our world and the lives we live are changing rapidly and we want to play our part in influencing that change for the betterment of society and the wellbeing of the public. We see a future where our infrastructure is connecting people, actively enhancing the environment, and playing a positive part in everyone’s lives.

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    Creating the future of Media

    Transforming our estate, to the benefit of all our stakeholders, through data-driven innovations and infrastructure

The solutions and vast variety of creative and customised possibilities consist of traditional, digital and out-of-the-box solutions, in the streets, in the railway stations, at points of sale, and in and on buses.

In addition to this, Clear Channel provides customers with services and tools to optimize the return on investment of their campaigns.

Our customers and partners have access to various studies and information to measure the efficiency of their investment.

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    Offer tailor-made solutions for out-of-home advertising on different formats – paper & digital