Our goal is simple: we aim to offer you the best local and national advertising solutions to reach and engage your target audience at the best moment.

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    From the concept all the way up to the final result, we guarantee impeccable service that delivers optimum return on your investment.

Clear Channel is committed to championing great creativity. From paper to pixels, the Create cel delivers the unexpected and helps brands meet people in new and innovative ways.

Furthermore, our team will bring your ideas to life from start to finish. Thanks to our targeted expertise and technical support, we are able to turn your concept into a success story.


DOOH you want to be an expert

Precise and measured guidelines for engaging out-of-home digital content

Creative Optimizer

10 golden rules to devise a compelling out-of-home campaign


Reflection and stimulation of the most original ideas for innovative campaigns. Out-of-home … and out-of-the-box

Creative Visual Impact Package

Visual Scan

Simulation of eye movements to analyse the visual impact of the key elements of the message

3D Journey

A plunge into the heart of a virtual urban, non-urban or indoor world, in which the advertiser is able to assess the quality of his messages in their context

Blow Up

Test of your digital message, 2m², 16m² or 36m² under field conditions


Cobra Post-Test

Impact measurement of the print campaign and the interest shown by consumers

DOOH Post-Test

Impact measurement of the digital campaign and the interest shown by consumers

1/10 Scale

Impression of a 36m² visual on vinyl in a 1:10 scale model

Creating the future of media