Sustainable entrepreneurship Respect for people and the environment

Sustainable entrepreneur- ship

Clear Channel is committed to doing business sustainably based on principles that give the highest priority to people, the community and the environment:

  • we are committed to our customers;
  • we honour our responsibilities;
  • we treat people respectfully, honestly and humanely;
  • we are efficient and we create added value.

Clear Channel expresses its values in its management principles, in the healthy and motivational work environment that it offers, in environmentally friendly behaviour at all levels and in social commitment.

Environmental responsibility

Clear Channel also endeavours to do business as sustainably as possible, especially in today’s times when the environment plays an ever more important role. Examples include using energy responsibly, reducing waste when possible (and processing the remainder in an environmentally-friendly manner), and using materials that can be recycled. And while we’re on the subject of energy, Clear Channel also uses green energy and LED lighting wherever possible.

Corporate responsibility

Our goal is for our employees here at Clear Channel to feel happy in their work and committed to it, and to be motivated by their professional development. Health and safety at work are our top priorities.

Improving the urban environment

The public at large sees Clear Channel pretty much everywhere they look. The extensive network of billboards in Belgium is proof of an extremely effective infrastructure. Every day, we work on improving the infrastructure in various cities, towns and municipalities. Our product development is focused on modern, uncomplicated and environmentally-friendly design with a view to sustainable maintenance. For example, the new bus shelters in Antwerp are made of 100% recycled aluminium and fitted with LED lighting. The power for the lighting is generated by a solar panel, which limits energy consumption to a minimum.

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