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The power of outdoor

Creativity, reach and innovation are powerful advantages, but out-of-home communication has so much more to offer. Discover it here.

10 facts about outdoor

  1. Out-of-home advertising connects with increasing numbers of people where they live and work.
  2. People don’t avoid out-of-home advertising.
  3. People like outdoor advertising: it livens up the city.
  4. Outdoor advertising makes brands famous.
  5. Outdoor is a success: the most famous brands invest in outdoor advertising worldwide.
  6. Outdoor advertising can launch products without support from other media.
  7. Out-of-home campaigns can be conversation starters.
  8. Mixed media campaigns work better if they include outdoor advertising.
  9. Outdoor advertising is the way to reach shoppers.
  10. Proximity campaigns raise brand awareness and sales figures.


Innovation in outdoor

This video shows Clear Channel’s potential for boundless creativity, imagination, self-confidence and daring in outdoor advertising.

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