Creative solutions with Create Out-of-the-box

Customised creativity

Clear Channel Create is our subsidiary brand for customised out-of-home advertising campaigns. Create embodies our commitment to championing great creativity. From paper to pixels, we deliver the unexpected and help brands meet people in new and innovative ways.

We engage in conversations with advertisers and agencies to help broaden and apply their creative concepts out-of-home. By working with our partners we are pushing the boundaries of our medium and inspiring people around the world.

We have dedicated Create teams across our global network. Their experience in integrating technology and special effects - from giant 2D cutouts and the latest 3D displays to mobile apps and touchscreens - can give campaigns a fresh dimension and amplify the message within the media mix.

creative billboard Pepsi Vincent Company

Creative with posters

The many creative possibilities offered by big formats
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creative bus shelter Disney

Creative with street furniture

An interactive bus stop with Photo Booth
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C&A pop up store


The sky is the limit
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Are you considering an out-of-the box campaign?

Our Create team will bring your ideas to life from start to finish. Thanks to our targeted expertise and technical support, we are able to turn your concept into a success story. And we can do this in all Clear Channel environments and solutions: posters, street furniture, mega posters and on buses. But Create also wants to make greater use of the digital out-of-home possibilities with mobile and interactive media.

What we can produce
2D cutouts and 3D builds, special print techniques, big multi-touch screens, cubes with hologram screens, Wi-Fi, light plate technology, special builds, sampling, live events and much more.

Our solutions

Do you want to give your out-of-home campaign a good boost and create a buzz? With Clear Channel Create your wildest dreams will become reality. We create events at excellent locations that become the talk of the town. The sky is the limit for out-of-the-box campaigns. Thanks to the combination with our digital solutions and the different mobile technologies such as Wi-Fi, NFC or QR Codes, you can speak directly to your consumers. Interactivity will considerably enhance the experience consumers have with your brand. Discover all the different possibilities.

Brands come to life

Our Create teams work in close collaboration with advertisers and agencies to come up with great creative and out-of-the-box campaigns.

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