Connect mobile platform Outdoor goes interactive

Out-of-home now even more mobile

In December 2013 Clear Channel Belgium was the first operator to launch permanent interactive networks equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) and Quick Response (QR) technologies. These networks enable advertisers to interact directly with any passer-by who has a smartphone. The Connect digital and static panels are placed on strategic locations such as pedestrian shopping streets in the five main cities.

The launch of these new networks makes OOH interactive and even more mobile. It puts OOH online and allows advertisers to develop a closer relationship with consumers.

Responding to the needs of advertisers

The Connect network is a unique way for advertisers to integrate their outdoor campaign with their online activities and thus involve consumers more. The interactive network supports advertisers in a number of objectives, ranging from the creation of a brand experience to online sales, including extending their campaign to social media.

Anticipating the wishes of consumers

The use of QR codes has grown significantly and, what's more, NFC technology is increasingly known and recognised by consumers. It allows them to exchange information with a simple "touch" or "scan" and to perform transactions on their smartphones. This means they can make their online purchases directly, try out an application, share music or videos, locate the nearest store, look up information or even download a voucher.

At least 33% of smartphone users would like to have NFC technology available on their next mobile phone(1). They welcome this mode of interaction and indicate that it can certainly help build a positive impression of a brand.

(1) Posterscope – UK 2013

Touch, scan & win with Beobank on Connect

Watch Connect - the first global OOH mobile interactive advertising platform

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