People & Places Proximity, flexibility & affinity

People & Places 2.0 - Proximity and flexibility

For the first time in Belgium, advertisers can opt for a selection of 2m² panels close to points of sale (POS) or points of interest (POI) that attract their core target. Result: optimised context, more accurate targeting and increased interactivity. “Near-store” campaigns, close to the point of sale, offer an interaction between the brand and the consumer, at the right time, in the right place and in the ideal context, to effectively influence the consumer’s buying behaviour. It’s also possible to select sides in the immediate proximity of sites such as schools, cinemas, gyms, etc. … heavily frequented by very specific targets.


  • Highly specific point of sales targeting
  • Greater receptivity through optimised context
  • 88% of consumers see out-of-home advertising as the last contact before purchase(1)
  • Increased interactivity
(1) The Last Window of Influence, Outdoor Media Centre, United Kingdom, 2011

People & Places 3.0 - Affinity

With People & Places 3.0, the advertiser can engage the consumer more closely by selecting the 2m² panels with the highest affinity on its target audience where they live, travel locally, start their work & school journey and come back every day, day after day. You can focus on advanced profiling based on socio-demographic criteria, consumption, behaviour and lifestyle. These criteria enhance the available audience profile.


  • Refined affinity targeting
  • Greater receptivity through optimised target
  • A contextually relevant environment significantly boosts the effectiveness of your ad with almost 20%!(2)
(2)    Neuro-Insight / Adshel Live Australia

Product information

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People & Place 3.0

Optimal receptivity from home to the point of interest through advanced profiling

People & Place 2.0

Interacting more effectively with the right people, at the right time, in the right place and in the best context.

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