Big Play Digital impact in the heart of Brussels with 3 I-CONIC screens

These new XXL solutions are revolutionising premium digital billboards by providing consumers with an unprecedented recreational space. Thanks to their strategic location, you can generate a high impact in the heart of the capital.

The I-CONIC Van Praet is ideally located on the main north access to the city, in front of the Docks, first shopping district in Brussels since 35 years. With its 87m² surface area and its location right in front of the traffic, it broadcasts your message to the thousands of commuters who cross slowly this high-traffic zone. A guaranteed visibility for your campaign!

With a surface area of ​​+/- 140m² in 16/9 format, the I-CONIC De Brouckère is set up at the heart of Brussels, in the pedestrian zone that is undergoing a far-reaching facelift. It enjoys unparalleled visibility within this district, popular with a target audience of working people, shoppers and tourists.

The I-CONIC Delta completes this XXL trio, ensuring an increased visibility among the 35.000 commuters who travel daily on the south-east access road to the capital.

Innovative and distinctive, the I-CONIC offers you a powerful value proposition to turn your campaign into a memorable brand experience. The creative possibilities are endless. And creativity is not limited to content. Indeed, the purchase flexibility will allow you to not only reach a target in the long term but also ensure a presence at specific times that you yourself determine. You choose the impact of your campaign by opting for one I-CONIC or the Big Play package. We discuss with you the means at our disposal to optimise your campaign in line with your marketing goals, your target groups and your budget.

Big Play - 3 I-CONIC screens in the heart of Brussels

High impact in the heart of the capital

I-CONIC: the biggest interactive digital screen in Belgium

Turn your campaign into a memorable brand experience

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