Our services Working together on a unique story

From concept to execution

Our services work together very closely with agencies, advertisers, cities and municipalities throughout Belgium. The combination of over 50 years of experience and a team that is passionate about its work enables us to offer you great help with your projects and to put meticulous care into our infrastructure.

First of all, our sales team does the necessary field work. They listen to the wishes of our customers and offer you the perfect solution. Once a solution has been selected, we start planning meticulously. After we have drawn up a precise plan, the Operations Department takes over to convert things into a practical reality. It is responsible for an impeccable advertising campaign in the field. We make a thorough analysis during and after the campaign. And we can count on our supporting services such as marketing and development at all times throughout the process. All our departments join forces to create a unique brand concept from start to finish. Our teams guarantee it!



Working together to find the best locations.

We maintain excellent relations with property owners, cities, towns and municipalities. In this way, we can develop and market advertising campaigns to help brands connect with people throughout Belgium. We work closely with urban planners, architects and experts in wayfinding to ensure that our portfolio blends in seamlessly with the urban environment and reinforces the consumer experience.



Making everything possible.

Our Operations teams take charge of production, installation, inspection and maintenance in the field. These skilful teams work on a per-region basis, so that they can work very quickly and efficiently. They are also constantly looking for technologies and systems to help us excel in our work. Our latest moves to cut our delivery times include the introduction of a new vehicle fleet, hotlines and digital poster production machines.

Our initiative with posters that are printed at high density and posted glueless doesn’t just make us quicker, it also reduces our environmental impact. This revolutionary process enables us to put up posters without glue within 24 hours, and since no glue is involved, they can be reposted later in other locations.

Research & insight


Ensuring optimum yield.

In our research, we work together closely with advertisers and agencies so that we can deliver new approaches. At the heart of our global commitment to research and insight is our investment in audience measurement. This method helps us generate new insights and a better understanding of how people behave when they are out of home. We measure campaigns and conduct tailor-made insight studies. We also evaluate the efficiency of the campaigns. We offer the necessary insights that translate into efficient planning and which yield return on investment for our advertiser

Support teams


Our people make all the difference.

Our support teams are of crucial importance to us to ensure that our sales team and operational services can focus on providing our customers with top quality service. They are skilled and competent people who think and act with a future-oriented mindset. They assist the organisation in its day-to-day operations and are responsible for administrative services, accounting, IT, human resources, legal affairs, property and marketing. They are all experienced, motivated and customer-oriented people for whom quality is of number one importance.

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